Monday, March 19, 2012

Time Will Tell

I've been saying this for some time now, but I'm almost ready to assemble the hull - at least the frames and stringers. Of course, I keep finding odds and ends that need to be done which has delayed the start of assembly.

Last week I decided to modify the centerboard lifting mechanism which lead to changing the case a bit. Oh, nothing dramatic; just time consuming. So, have I made any progress over the past few days? Yes. I think I have.

The building platform has been finished - complete with risers installed. The bottom has been cut out (including the slot for the centerboard!).

A couple of fiddly items have been epoxied to the centerboard case sides. While the epoxy sets up, I have begun shaping the centerboard. Using my #5 jack plane and the handy block plane, I've got a good start to being ankle deep in wood shavings:

The foil shape is beginning to emerge from the blank.

There is still a lot of wood to be removed before the centerboard is shaped and ready for fiberglass, epoxy and paint.

I am hopeful of drilling the necessary holes in the CB and case and gluing the second side of the case tomorrow. Assembly of the hull will begin the day after the case is glued. No telling when that will be - but from where I sit assembly may begin on Wednesday. Time will tell.

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