Saturday, March 3, 2012

Phase I is Drawing to a Close

Phase I of building Gardens of Fenwick is coming to a close. Frame Fabricating is just about complete (see comments and photos on the Progress Notes page).

Frames are done; the stringers are done; and various bits and pieces (although I'm not sure 'bits and pieces' is an apt description of the centerboard case, seat fronts and transom) are nearly done. These components comprise the 'kit' components needed to construct the hull...

The next phase starts tomorrow when the building platform begins to take shape.

As this first phase comes to a close I find the prospect of phase II to be a mental hurdle for me. On the one hand I am anxious to proceed - I want to get this boat built and outfitted! On the other hand there lurks uncertainty and concern over venturing into new territory.

Fortunately, the experience of helping with the Sea Scout Sherpa project at the Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention helps allay my concerns somewhat. I've seen how John Welsford boats go together and that is worth quite a bit to me. So, I look forward to Phase II - Hull Assembly!

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