Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Building Platform

Gardens of Fenwick is nearing the Some Assembly Required stage.

The building platform took shape yesterday and today.

Assembling this platform was not a difficult task but handling the 16' 2x6s was something I was leery of doing alone. Fortunately a friend came over to help and we got the platform assembled yesterday. I spent much of today adding cross-braces and diagonals to beef up and stabilize the platform. Shims were needed under the end legs to level everything.

Late this afternoon I glued two sheets of ½" plywood together, end to end, to make a 16' sheet of plywood for the bottom of the boat. I used a butt join with a 6" butt strap. A 2x6 (covered with wax paper), a length of 2x3 and two bar clamps holds everything in place while the epoxy cures.

Tomorrow we'll loft the bottom on the plywood, cut it out and install the building stations on the platform.

Friday, we'll begin assembling the hull!

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