Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Winter's Day...

…in a deep and dark December…

Well, okay, today was a winter's day and we're nearly deep into December but the day (or the weekend, for that matter) - was not dark. Indeed, the sparkling clear sky allowed the sun to shine and the moon to glow. Wasn't that a gorgeous moon last night? But, it has been cold. Even with the sun shining yesterday and today, much of Friday's light snow is still around making the air seem even brighter.

Yesterday, we cut a tree in the back woods for the Little House Christmas tree. We couldn't find a suitable tree in the woods for the Ann Arbor house so we drove to a nearby tree farm - and found a gorgeous tree (which a commercial tree lot in any big city wouldn't sell for less than $100!) for a very reasonable sum.

Today we decorated the tree here at Little House:

That big tree was packed into the RAV for the trip to Ann Arbor.

It has been a great weekend.

As for the boat work… I've been assembling Frame #2 and finessing the stringer notches in Frame #1. Those notches are a bit fiddly as plywood doesn't respond well to a chisel but they are coming along.

This coming week should see these first two frames completed - which means assembled, doublers attached, notches cut and edges sanded. They will still need to be coated with epoxy before being truly 'done' but, given the temperatures, that will be a fairly long slow process. I also expect to get the spine/stem assembly cut out and assembled this week.

Along with this boat work, I need to find time to get some Christmas shopping done and packages mailed. Typically, I am running behind with my Christmas preparations.

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