Friday, December 30, 2011

The Day Before the Day Before...

The year is winding down to just one more day… While this year is winding down work on Gardens of Fenwick continues…

Four of the seven frames for the hull have been completed. Fasteners and more epoxy have been ordered. More plywood is to be purchased in the next day or so in order to complete the remaining frames. I am hopeful of completing all seven frames done by the end of next week. The centerboard is ready to be assembled and shaped. The rudder is ready to be shaped.

My thoughts for Gardens of Fenwick have been inclined toward a utilitarian, work-boat type finish - more for ease (a misnomer if ever there was one) of maintenance than anything else as I plan to sail Gardens for some adventures rather than keep her as a 'show-piece.' However, as I've been working with the walnut I purchased for the centerboard case packers I've decided that covering this beautiful wood with paint would be a travesty. So, in a nod to beauty and elegance (with a blind eye to maintenance!) as well as a salute to WildCat, I plan to use okoume plywood with the walnut for the centerboard case and finish it bright (varnish). It will be the focal point of the cockpit (which is as it should be).

I am looking forward to a busy New Year in 2012 and the launch of Gardens of Fenwick.

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