Sunday, December 18, 2011

Odd Satisfaction

Two of today's tasks brought me - a bit to my surprise - a great deal of satisfaction.

I cut six notches by hand (see the note on the Progress Notes page) and enjoyed the work. It was very satisfactory to mark the cut-lines, make the cuts with the Japanese pull-saw, use the chisel to remove the waste and smooth the bottom of the notch and finish up with the rasp.

I also cut limber and ventilation holes in the frames as called for in the plans. When those were cut I used the trim router to round-over the edges of the holes as well as the 'non-contact' edges (edges that are not to be glued/fastened to other pieces) of frame supports and doublers.

Cutting the notches and rounding over of some edges was very satisfying but surprisingly so. Why? Because none of today's work will be visible when the boat is finished. No one but me will ever see today efforts... But I know the effort I put in... and I'm happy with it.

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