Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Red Wire... Black Wire... ?

When some newly ordered hose for my dust collector arrived yesterday, I was reminded of the scene in some old suspense thriller about disarming a bomb as the timer ticks down: "Red wire... Black wire... ?" 

Do I open it despite the very clear warning not to? And, if I do open it, what should I use to cut that heavy duty packing tape? Conflicting messages... Maybe a career opportunity there as a label editor?

Yep, I opened it with a utility knife - and, no, the box didn't explode! 

The new hose is a step in improving/upgrading the 2-HP single stage Rikon dust collector I've had for seven years. More on this project as it unfolds.

Sorry if anyone thought electricity was involved.


  1. Hi reading your blog you said that you chatted to John welsford at the sail oklahoma messabout in 2011 about plans for the lug rig sailplan, did he send it to you? I have bought the plans for the pathfinder and I dont have it??

    1. Please accept my apologies for not responding sooner. I have not been paying much attention to the blog (or Gardens or sailing) so far this year.

      Yes, John Welsford did send me the lug rig sailplane for the Pathfinder. I would suggest you contact him directly (either by email or on Facebook) to request a copy of the sailplane.