Thursday, October 29, 2020

Galley Gear and Stove Boxes

Thought about a new camp stove, new cookware & dishes and an elaborate Galley Box to hold it all and a bunch of provisions.  But, we are new to boat camping and, as fun as shopping can be, we want to figure things out before such a spending spree. What we think we need/want for starters is a way to boil water and prepare simple one-pot meals.

We have a two-burner propane camp stove that works well but takes a lot of space. We have a one-burner propane camp stove that works well but seems too larger to stow nicely... except that it breaks down into three components and doesn't need a huge amount of storage space. 

We have a 9" x 12" x 13" plywood box I built and used years ago for camp dishes, utensils, a small cook pan, and a kettle.

This box is a good start, but I soon realized the single burner stove, even broken down, takes up enough of the box that we need something more for the other gear.

But, when I set about making a mock-up it occurred to me that I have a box that fits the cooking/eating gear pretty well. So, I shifted the focus a bit and mocked up a box just for the stove.

The photo shows the stove box mock-up sitting on top of the gear box but that is just one possibility. 

The interior dimensions for the stove box are pretty well settled. Construction details need to be worked out. I've got some 1/4" Baltic Birch ply on hand so the new stove box should be completed soon. Using this ply, I'll paint it to match the interior color of Gardens. Maybe I'll paint the gear box, too.

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