Monday, October 5, 2020

A New Sail

When I decided to build a Pathfinder, I thought about a balance-lug-yawl sail plan using the balance lug sail from my Goat Island Skiff. My thinking was, I already have the sail and I can't sail two boats at the same time. At the 2011 Sail Oklahoma event, I discussed this idea with John Welsford and he agreed to draw up the sail plan. 

My GIS sail had been assembled from a Sailrite kit - a saga in itself - and I used it on Karen Ann (my GIS) and, eventually, on Gardens of Fenwick. Over its life that sail was used, abused and not cared for properly: stains (unknown origin) did not wash out; careless winter storage allowed mice to dine on the the leech; and the leech repair was functional but not pretty... As we sailed Gardens this summer, I harbored thoughts about buying a new main, but didn't act on those thoughst. 

Early last week I said something to Jan about maybe thinking about a new sail. She agreed that the sail was looking tired and  thought a new sail was a great idea! So, last Thursday I placed the order with Duckworks and this morning the new sail arrived!

The sail is gorgeous and, without taking it out of the plastic wrapper, we can see that the sail is heavier duty (5.0oz) than the old sail (4.10z) and that the quality of the sewing if far superior to what I cobbled together seven years ago! We're done sailing for the year so the new sail will winter in its shipping box. 

We are looking forward to dressing up Gardens with the new sail and sailing her next spring!

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