Friday, May 22, 2020

Elmer at Work

Elmer was put to work yesterday taking Gardens off the trailer and placing her on boat stands. Elmer performed quite well and tolerated my rather poor efforts to balance Gardens in the lifting straps. Of course, once I remembered what that blue tape on the floor meant (Elmer's position over Gardens), and adjusted Elmer, Gardens balanced well and came off the trailer nicely. The point of this exercise is to give me room under Gardens to repaint her centerline. I have no intention of doing any interior work while she rests on the stands.

On the trailer.

Boat Stands:

Positioning the boat stands properly under Gardens took a bit of back-and-forth-and up-and-down work. Finally, Gardens sat on the stands. A brace across Elmer's legs support struts that are intended to prevent Gardens from tipping (belts and suspenders). Props at the bow (more belts and suspenders) also act to prevent tipping. I kept slight tension on the lifting straps to, hopefully, minimize catastrophic failure (last bit of belt and suspenders).

Warmer weather (70s) in the forecast should give me a window to inspect, prep, and paint the centerline. The trailer bunks will be adjusted slightly while the trailer is empty.

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