Saturday, February 1, 2020

Name Board Progress

Name Boards:
  • 6mm okume ply
  • Backers are 9mm okume ply
  • Bronze round head machine screws (stainless steel fasteners used for test fit)
  • Color will be same as hull (Fired Clay from True Value)
  • Name will be same color as the sheer plank (Ballfield from True Value)
Work to be done:
  • Trim/fit backers (lower aft fastener missing from photo due to oversized backer)
  • Drill out and epoxy fill holes in sheer plank; re-drill
  • Paint boards and name
  • Install with bronze fasteners
This quote from Craig William Johnson (from a 1/29/2020 post on the John Welsford Small Craft Design FB page) succinctly expresses a long held thought of my own:

As with all boating - every trip teaches you a bit more about your vessel and things that need to go on the list for attention.

As I’ve worked on the name boards, it occurred to me that this winter’s projects are, for the most part, not aimed at improving Gardens’ sailing performance (however one wants to describe that term). The current winter To-Do list is more about refining, personalizing, and customizing Gardens to address personal preferences (and needs) we’ve identified over the last two summers.

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