Friday, February 14, 2020

Minor Changes to the Blog

Sometimes what seems like a good idea at the time doesn’t pan out. Not because it wasn’t a good idea but because of benign neglect.

For instance, the Pages on this blog:
  • The Pathfinder Design
  • Materials
  • The Shop
  • Progress Notes
  • Places To Go
seemed like a great idea back in late 2011 and early 2012. However, checking these pages this week made it clear they have been ignored and neglected for nearly as long as they’ve been in existence. Some of them haven’t been updated in nearly eight years! One in particular, Progress Notes, is redundant in the context of a chronological blog.

So, I am hiding (as opposed to deleting) three Pages: Materials, The Shop, and Progress Notes. By hiding them, the content (such as it is) isn’t lost to me. Any of those pages could return to life if that seems like a good idea at some time in the future.

The other two Pages will remain for the time being. Modifications I've made to John’s original Pathfinder design will be described on The Pathfinder Design page. I intend Places To Go to become a collection of destinations, planned trips, and reports of the outings. Both Pages will, no doubt overlap and echo “front page” blog posts.

If there is, somehow, an overwhelming demand for the hidden pages, they can be returned to the lineup...

Thanks for listening.

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