Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cooling My Heels...

Yesterday was cold and rainy. So was this morning although the precipitation ended by mid-morning. This brief preview has me cooling my heels. Tomorrow and Friday ought to be warmer, allowing epoxy work to continue.

The stem is stalled at 5 plies and - based on test fitting of the centerboard slot surrounds this afternoon - may end there. No further cracking or splitting of the plies.

The centerboard slot surrounds will take five plies to match the the stem but they are short enough with little enough rocker so I should be able to install two plies at a time. The surrounds will be installed tomorrow and, maybe one more ply for the stem. After that, I'll round-over the stem and surrounds and fiber glass them to provide a measure of abrasion resistance.

Another thought… and I should direct this to John Welsford… what about a boom gallows? Located foreward of the mizzen and low enough not to interfere with the boom while sailing, a gallows could facilitate a boom tent and provide support for the spars while trailering. Just a thought… deserving further consideration.

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