Sunday, October 5, 2014


The weather forecasts were wrong. Thursday and Friday were no better than last Wednesday. Neither were yesterday or today. The centerboard surrounds still need to be installed; the stem and surrounds need to be glassed; the weave of the glass on the bottom needs filling; and, of course, there is still a great deal of sanding and fairing to be done. Lows in the 30s with highs in the low 50s makes that epoxy work tough to do.

So, what are my alternatives?
  • Wait for warmer weather? That could be a long wait...
  • Do the epoxy work and wait for it to cure - at least something would get done... eventually.
  • Close in the area Gardens resides and use a space heater to warm the space to epoxy-friendly temperatures?
This last alternative seems to be the best option right now. There are plenty of beams and rafters from which to hang plastic sheeting which, together with a space heater, ought to warm the space enough to let me work in this cool weather.


  1. Hi Bob, sorry to hear about the weather. We have had unexpected rain here making paint hard to cure. Did you not have family to visit down South? Where temps are better for epoxy work...

  2. Rik, I have family in Atlanta, Little Rock, Houston and Austin - and the temps are definitely better for epoxy work in all of those locations. One minor technicality: Gardens is here in Michigan...

    Today was a cool, damp, errands-running kind of day. I plan on sanding tomorrow and epoxy when I can.

    Patience with the paint.