Sunday, May 25, 2014

Looking Ahead to August

Okay, so the marathon won't be finished this year. But, there are sailing plans afoot which will provide interesting comparisons of three different boats and motivation to complete Gardens.

The first two weeks of August will see my sister and her husband taking their ComPac PicNic Cat, WildCat, to McKay Bay in Les Cheneaux Islands in Michigan's Upper Peninsula at the top of Lake Michigan. Joining them will be our cousins from Austin, Texas bringing their Potter 19(name unknown). We will join them with Karen Ann, our Goat Island Skiff.

While no one admits to being competitive, we all are… so there will be some spirited sailing. The GIS, generally speaking, sails away from the PicNic Cat in most conditions but I must admit that I favor lighter air (in which Karen Ann excels and WildCat does not). In heavier conditions, I am less comfortable with the Goat (hence Gardens) and WildCat handles stronger winds better than I do. The Potter 19 will probably outsail WildCat in all conditions but light air should, again, favor our Karen Ann. We'll see…

Sailing in McKay Bay, August 2013:

In the meantime, I will be working diligently on Gardens so that next year we'll be ready for the McKay Bay outing and other adventures. I'll also check Karen Ann for any maintenance, cosmetic or refitting needed to take her sailing.

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