Thursday, September 26, 2013

If Something Can Go Wrong… It Will

Murphy's Law was strictly enforced today…

As much as I like the work I did on the rudder sink-weight, installing the centerboard sink-weight did not go so well. Oh, the sink-weight is installed - and it is NOT going anywhere - but the process did not go smoothly at all. Epoxy voids (to be filled); epoxy where it shouldn't be (to be ground out); spilled epoxy (wiped up); a botched epoxy mix (oh, it was 2:1 - hardener to resin!) discovered before slathering it into the centerboard and more… No photos of the mess as I had just enough sense not to reach for the camera with epoxy-sticky gloved hands. Good thing I have a variety of grinding/sanding tools on hand - I'm going to need them.

On the bright side, I don't think I epoxied the centerboard to the workbench - but I won't know for sure until tomorrow…

One layer of 6 oz. fiber glass cloth was applied to the lower section of the rudder blade without much drama today.

The stray strands will, of course, be sanded out and the weave filled prior to painting.

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