Friday, May 31, 2013


There are many elements of the build under way at the same time - maybe I'm multi-tasking?

Prepping the interior for the cockpit decking and seat tops, fitting the king plank, spars, varnishing, shaping foils, working on the rudder head - and more… But then I came to a realization:

Maybe it's time to flip the boat? I mean, adding the decking and seat tops will do nothing but add weight. The shop space is already quite tight and a lighter hull will be (should be?) easier to turn - and it will have to be turned twice (once now and again when the bottom is done).

So, yes, I think it is time to roll the hull to work on the bottom. I just need to figure out how to turn the boat over safely: How much help do I need? How will the building platform need to be modified? Is there enough ceiling clearance to lift the hull mechanically and roll it "in place?" What is the bottom going to look like (how much work have I left myself)?

I have some time to figure out the answers to those questions - the earliest opportunity to roll the boat will be mid-June (traveling a bit this week, family events the first week of June - you know, life).

No boat work until next week but then the spars, varnishing, shaping foils, working on the rudder head - and more - will keep me busy while I figure out the hows of turning the hull.

Another recent realization is that Gardens isn't going to launch this summer. Too much to do, too little time - and there's no point in rushing the work. I'll just have to sail Karen Ann this summer.


  1. Same here Bob. Lucky for me we only have summers season down here, so i could launch in December, if she is done.
    Do you know how to flip her yet? The shack built around mine is supposed carry her so i can rotate in slings...

  2. Everything OK over there Bob?

    1. Rik, thanks for asking. Yes, everything here is fine - just too much to do and to little time to do it! Traveling, biking, family matters and the like are keeping me busy. I'll get back to "Gardens" soon.

  3. Glad to hear all is well. I completely understand since I myself have also been kept away from my build. Barely assembled the mizzen mast the other day but off to other work projects again. But, we will be on the water, one day.