Monday, January 7, 2013

Task: Remove Interior Motor Mount

When I built the frames, I intended to build and use the motor-well as designed. However, after assembling the hull I read about the experiences of other Pathfinder builders who chose to use a transom mounted motor mount. Eliminating the motor-well would simplify building the hull - no need to cut another hole in the bottom of the boat! I decided to not build the motor-well. Of course that meant removing the motor-well from F-6A (and adding a doubler to the transom).

Since the space is limited and there is little room to work a saw - any saw - removing the motor mount was a little finicky. With a little patience and perseverance the piece was removed and now F-6A is symmetrical!

I still have to do a bit of sanding to clean up the frame and the seat-front 'extensions' between F-6A and the transom need to be installed.


  1. Looks like a good plan. Will probably do the same on Gath Mor...when the weather cools down a bit.
    Nearly up to frame 5 at present.
    Gardens is looking great though. Can't wait to see it finished. Will you make your own masts and spars?

    1. I will make my masts and spars. Trying to decide between bird's mouth or hollow-box construction.

      Keep plugging away. Do you have photos of your boat?

      Thanks for the encouragement.

    2. I'll be making mine using the bird's mouth method. Bought a (huge) router bit especially for the job.
      Following your progress with great interest.

    3. Well, I am leaning toward the bird's mouth method, too. I haven't purchased the specialty bit yet but that may well, indeed, be part of my winter-time on-line shopping.

  2. Just uploaded some photos.
    Not pretty, but getting there!

  3. Looking nice. I did the same to frame 6A. No engine. If I have to I'll put it on a bracket on transom. My intent is to sail her onto the beach.
    Looking forward to see how you make your masts. Birds mouth with pitchpine is my plan.