Monday, January 21, 2013


Last week, Doryman spoke of uncharacteristically cold weather in Oregon. Over the weekend, Michigan's characteristically cold winter weather arrived. Single-digit temperatures accompanied by double-digit winds provide the cold and turned the shop into a freezer. No significant boat work in the shop for awhile.

But hibernation? No, not really. There are indoor tasks and projects enough to keep me busy:
  • The SailRite kit for the mizzen sail awaits; the sewing machine will soon be put to work.
  • Plastic sheeting will be used to create a sanding/grinding booth in the basement for shaping the centerboard and rudder blade.
  • Internet shopping for a trailer, an outboard and sailboat hardware will certainly keep me busy throughout these cold weeks of winter.
  • And an assortment of crafty wood projects (picture frames, napkin rings and coasters) in need of sanding and finishing.
Progress on these projects will be forthcoming...

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