Saturday, November 17, 2012

Preparing for the Next Stage

Yesterday and today have been quieter and less frantic than the last few days of the planking. I didn't do much actual boat work but I did things that will facilitate the next stages of this build:
  • Reviewed the plans and drawings to make sure I know what's next
  • Checked materials on hand to make sure I have what I need before I need it!
  • Cleaned up the shop - lots of dust (from grinding the bevels for the planking) everywhere
  • Began winterizing the shop - not so much to make it toasty warm throughout the winter, more to minimize the drafts and to help keep the shop at a working temperature for epoxy
  • Tool repair and maintenance:
    • New blades for the thickness planer
    • New wheel tires and, possibly, a new motor for the bandsaw
So, what are the next stages?
  1. Sanding, epoxy coating and painting the inside of the hull.
  2. Marking, cutting, fitting and installing the anchor well deck.
  3. Marking cutting, fitting ad installing the bunk decks.
  4. Marking, cutting, fitting and installing the cockpit seat tops.
This will keep me busy for a while. When the weather closes in and it is too cold to work in the shop, I'll have my list of 'indoor' projects to keep me busy.


  1. Hey Bob...I'm a little behind in reading your blog. Before you buy new blades for your planer, check to see if your existing blades are two-sided (unless, of course, you've already done this and used the second side). After I bought new blades for my 12" Delta, I realized that the old blades could be rotated 180 degrees to expose new cutting surfaces. You're making great progress, by the way!

  2. Hi Ed... Thanks for the tip re the planer blades. Mine are two-sided and I've switched them over.

    Hey, sometimes progress seems slow - sanding and epoxy coating don't 'look' as impressive as a newly added plank. But, it is all getting done so I count it as progress.