Monday, October 15, 2012

Maybe it is the destination...

It's the journey and not the destination... well, maybe...

With boat work, it is not so much "unforeseen steps" (mentioned in my previous post) that slow me down. It is my own optimism: The garboards were tricky and tedious to install and, since they are the largest planks with the most bend/twist, I naturally assumed/hoped/believed the rest of the planks would be easy (by comparison) to install. I was wrong.

The second planks have been started but I have found that a narrow plank is a bit resistant to a bend across the narrow dimension. Oh, I've wrestled the second section of the second planks into place but it wasn't easy. The end result is quite satisfying but getting there is considerably less enjoyable.

No new predictions on how much and how soon…


  1. A philosophy I've found useful is "never miss a day - do a little or a lot, but do it often". Otherwise your dreams remain just so.
    Another, which you may have heard before is, "take your expectations and divide by half."

    Good job, it appears, from here. Steady dedication will win out in the end. Water tests by May, Sucia Rendezvous in July.

    1. Thanks for the reminders. I've heard both of those thoughts before, but it is always good to hear them again.

      I can't rule out next July's Sucia Rendezvous, but I can't commit to it yet...

    2. No problem, a Goat can handle Rosario Strait, if Gardens isn't ready.

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