Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back From Sail Oklahoma

Sail Oklahoma 2012 was a success despite the wind, the rain and the cold. Sailing was great on Thursday but there was no sailing on Friday or Saturday due to the bad conditions. Sunday was a bit warmer, dryer and less windy - but I didn't take advantage of it as I listened to Mik Storer's presentation on balanced lug sails before packing for the road.

Not all was lost on Friday and Saturday as there were numerous presentations on a variety of small-boat topics: Dave Nichols on sail making; Richard Wood on multi-hull designs; Dave Gentry on skin-on-frame construction; Howard Rice on small-boat expedition sailing; a panel discussion on sailboat racing; and a designers' forum featuring Jim Michalak, Richard Wood, Dave Gentry, Dave Nichols and Mik Storer. Mixed in with all of that was the catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. It was a great weekend.

Sail OK was successful for me on several levels - including getting ideas and suggestions for installing the garboard planks: begin at the foreward end (yep, someone else suggested what I had thought of on my way there); use a shorter piece; and use a shorter piece and cut it at 45° to the grain of the plywood. Another suggestion I am looking into to facilitate the installation of the remaining planks is to use a nail gun with composite/plastic brads. The nail gun is easier/faster than screws but I don't think the brads will work to pull the garboard planks into place.

Today was an unload-the-car-and-put-things-away day. I will be back in the shop tomorrow.

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