Monday, September 10, 2012

Stringers are Strung... sort of...

Six of the eight stringers have been installed and, from what I can tell, those six (the lower three on each side) are fair and symmetrical from side to side. The last two - at the sheer - are giving me some fits.

However, slowly but surely, I am working on getting those last two stringers fair and symmetrical as well. The issue, for me, is that the notches in Frame 2 seem to be too high - high enough to create a 'bump' in the sheer at that frame.

Double and triple checking the frame against the plans, it appears to be correct and the bump shows on both sides so I suspect I erred somewhere along the line. There is a solution. I am enlarging the notches bit by bit to eliminate the bump but it is slow going. I expect I will need to fair the top of Frame 2 so it meets the stringer at the sheer.

Further expectation is to complete the stringers tomorrow and begin planking by week's end. (Why is it expectations never seem to be met?)


  1. Bob, Looks about right, you have to pull the stringer down to top of stem and then it should be closer to the notch. Look at JWbuilders2-gunvor =planks half way, see how the top stringer is pulled back down to a separate curve. Is yours about the same?

    1. Please note I cracked a top stringer on this section. Do better than me.


    2. Jay, thanks for the comments and encouragement. After days of scratching my head, looking at the sheer stringers and frames for what seemed hours and re-checking the plans, I think I found the problem. Another set of eyes will look at it this evening to confirm but I am 98% sure I know what happened.

      If I'm right, I'll be asking for how to proceed with the solution.

      Please not: I've already cracked (and replaced) two stringers trying to fit them to the sheer.

    3. Make that "note" not "not."