Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Re-Set and Planning

Seems I've done very little with, for, or on Gardens in a very long time. Time for a re-set and a return to boat work. However, because it is mid-winter in Michigan, I am once again at the "What about...?" stage of planning and projects.

So, what is in the works?

    Boat Camping Gear: Tent; Cooking Kit, Sleeping Arrangements

    New Rudder Blade: Stalled (bit and collet are STUCK in the router (may need to replace router)

     Sling Re-Entry System (Howard Rice's design): Webbing needs sewing, final fit in the spring

One recently completed task: I've joined TSCA and DCA. Not sure of any local or regional activities for either group, but I am looking forward to each Association's publication.

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