Sunday, August 16, 2020

Side Deck Seats, Auxiliary Power, and a Kayak Paddle

Side Deck Seats: My variation of the Side Deck Seat has survived the mock-up stage. I'm using a wooden cleat/foot/support rather than the stack of garden-pad foam Mike used. 

There are two smaller cleats that straddle the coaming and hold the seat in place.  The 'real' seat will be  1/2" plywood. The entire assembly will be epoxied and painted.

We'll see how it works. If it scratches the deck, I'll modify it - but the deck will be repainted this winter anyway.

Auxiliary Power:  Two SUP paddles are ready to be put into action should the need arise. Fortunately, the wiring issues (my bad) with the trolling motor have been repaired - so we are hopeful that we'll never need the new paddles. But, we have them just in case...

The paddles have been sealed and varnished since this photo was taken early last week.

Kayak Paddle: I decided to build my granddaughter a kayak paddle for her birthday next month - but the kids are taking their kayaks with them on a Labor Day vacation so I need to get the paddle done. The paddle will be two-part take-apart using carbon fiber ferules from Duckworks. The wood is white pine from a tree on our property.

We're working on a sailing trip in Les Cheneaux Islands in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for mid-September which means we need to get out as much as we can over the next few weeks to make sure everything is ship-shape.

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