Thursday, July 9, 2020

Almost There...

Gardens has spent more than a week yard sailing, getting outfitted for the summer (which is too far gone already), and teaching me a few things.

Things done: 
  • New rigging for the main (mast traveler, halyard, sheet, out-haul)
  • mizzen (halyard, sheet, snotter).
  • New lazy-jacks.  
  • New rigging for the centerboard
  • New "Mast Lifter" - a lever/fulcrum system to lift the main mast out of the step (see other posts for the why's and wherefores).
  • New paint (transom: inside and outside;center-line; coamings; and touch-ups on the deck)
  • New varnish on coamings, battery-box surround, and tiller.
What have I learned? Installing the lazy-jacks was a lesson in futility until it dawned on me that everything is interconnected. You can't make an adjustment without taking everything into consideration. It took me far too long to make that obvious observation but once I did, the process went well.

Changing the main halyard system involves more than just adding a bit of hardware. The mast traveller changes the geometry of where the yard sits in the boat before hoisting, and how it fits the lazy-jacks . Other systems allow a bit more flexibility - but if the down-haul is not loosened the sail bundle isn't going anywhere. And, see the next paragraph and photo for another issue I had with the mast traveler. 

From the category of Unintended Consequences: Two years ago, I installed the halyard block on the mast with a "spin strap" (from Duckworks). I installed the strap upside down (my bad). The recent experiments with the mast traveler resulted in the strap (and the top screw) bending. The strap has been replaced with a heavy-duty padeye. Gardens may sail this summer without the mast traveler.

The last two items on the list should be done this week:

Mizzen Mast Slot to facilitate stepping the mizzen (the slot concept works for the main, ought to work for the mizzen for similar reasons). Start of the project...

Registration Numbers. The resident artist is finishing up a painting and will add the registration numbers to Gardens' sheer planks this weekend.

This Sunday we'll do a snoop trip to check out boat ramps on Muskegon Lake (which feeds into Lake Michigan) so there will be options for an outing the following weekend. A shake-down sail is in the works for next week.


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