Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Winter’s Retreat and New Kit for Gardens

Second week of March and winter has begun its retreat… mid-30s for two days, 40s today and tomorrow, with the promise of 60s on Thursday… Hope springs eternal…

My knees are recovered enough to let be get out to the shop… unfortunately, the frozen snow drifts across the barn entrances won’t let me in! So, rather than actually build a few items, I’m left to thinking and drawing sketches for a No. 2 Camp Box; a Day Box for misc gear (GPS, VHF, Binocs, etc); a Battery Box; attachment points for those low-profile fenders; and a Compass Box.

The barn needs attention, too. One roller on a large (unused) slider door came off its track in last week’s wind storm. The door is hanging by one roller and has opened a decent sized hole in the south side of the barn - directly behind Gardens!

Gardens is well covered with tarps and the tools were stowed in tubbies but I need to get out there soon for a temporary fix to the door.

In other news… UPS and USPS have been busy delivering more bits for Gardens’ kit:
  • 12 lbs Danforth Anchor
  • Air Horn
  • First Aid Kit
  • Low Profile Fenders
  • Hardware and Line for Lazy Jacks
  • Hardware for Grab Lines along side decks …and more
And, there is more shopping to do…


  1. Hi- I can't remember if I've ever commented, but I've been following your blog as we both built along - I launched my Navigator last June. First, good luck on your knee rehab. Good thing you built a boat with seats! Second, you should add the Small Reach Regatta to your bucket list. Closer than Sacramento and a great group of people. Third, are you familiar with Tom Pamperin and his work? He's a small boat guy with tons of sailing experience on the Great Lakes, and his book is great. He has written about his camp cruising adventures on the Wooden Boat Forum. Cheers, Kenny.

    1. Hi, Kenny. Is that pretty balance lug yawl rigged Navigator yours? That is a good looking boat! How do you like that sail plan?

      I'll add the Small Reach Regatta to my bucket list - not sure why it isn't there already.

      I had the good fortune to meet Tom Pamperin at one of Howard Rice's Small Craft Skills sessions a number of years ago. I enjoy Tom's writing and his WBF posts about sailing the Great Lakes, particularly the North Channel.

      Thanks for the good wishes for my knees. They are improving and I expect to be sailing and biking this summer.