Sunday, April 8, 2018


Nine-plus weeks out from surgery and the shoulder is improving rapidly. Not improved enough for boat-work but improving nonetheless.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading over the last nine weeks - nothing too serious, mostly just light, fluff reading for entertainment. I also enjoy watching videos on a number of topics: woodworking (Matt Cremora, Paul Sellers, Samurai Carpenter), blacksmithing (Alec Steele), and various tutorials (Sketchup).

Recently, Alec Steele has been returning to basics, focusing on Fundamentals, Hand Tools and Practice. I find this is as applicable to woodworking (or any other endeavor) as it is to Alec’s blacksmithing, so I plan to further develop my skills with hand tools - not to the exclusion of power tools, but to improve my overall skill set. I plan to incorporate hand tool work more into the completion of Gardens and other projects. My primary focus is, however, finishing Gardens.

So, the projects listed in my most recent post have not been worked on at all, but the calendar is calling… sailing season will be here soon (no, really!) with events to attend (preferably with a boat!) and races to be sailed (again, with a boat!). I need to get back to work on Gardens - and Karen Ann, my GIS. Soon, my friends, soon…

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