Sunday, March 11, 2018

This is the Year

Five plus weeks post-op and the shoulder is improving - no where near fully functional but much better than it was five weeks ago. Thursday’s visit to the surgeon should have me out of the sling and on to the next level of PT.

There is still a winter chill in the NE wind but spring - and warmer weather - is in the offing. I walked out to the barn today to say hello to Gardens and figure out what’s next… Almost too many tasks yet to be done and yet, I’ve got a list that will keep me and a helper busy once the surgeon and therapist give me the go-ahead.

As an added incentive to getting Gardens launched and outfitted is the invitation to take her to Les Cheneaux Islands in August. That has been a standing invitation for three years now… Deke's report of his successful Everglades Challenge experience in his Pathfinder, First Light, is also inspiring.

This is the year to finish and enjoy Gardens.


  1. Hello again.

    Glad to hear that your shoulder recovery is going according to plan.

    I'm of two thoughts about your launch schedule. On one hand, every time I give myself a deadline it sucks all the fun out of the build, mostly because I am horrible at estimating how long things take. On the other hand, I'm about to sign up for the Small Reach Regatta which is in late July!

    1. I agree with those two points... look back a bit and you'll find I've had Les Cheneaux Islands targeted more than once. But, if not this year, WHEN!?

  2. Yay, Bob! I've just gotten the Phil Bolger Teal that I built in the early 80s, out of the basement for the first time in six years. That's a long time for a refit, but the story of all the things that kept me distracted from it would take almost that long to tell, and, at 67 years old, I'm glad to say that I have better things to do today! :)

    1. Sometimes life gets in the way of what we really want to do - and six years isn't that long a time. Enjoy your Teal. Remember, your body may be 67 years old, but you are only as old as you think you are. My theory is this: Age is what happens to the body; Old is what happens in the mind.