Sunday, February 19, 2017

February Pretending to be Spring

This is great! Unseasonably warm weather - mid 50s - over the weekend is encouraging. My 2017 building season began with a good cleaning of the Boat Cave and getting things ready to resume boat work.

In the meantime, work on the Morris chair has progressed to the point of discussing cushions with a local upholsterer, picking out fabric and sanding prior to the glue up.
The arms of the Morris chair have thru-tenons. Learning how to cut those (and the associated mortises) inspired me to learn more about chisels and sharpening shop tools. This time I am taking it seriously...

I've also been experimenting with end-grain cutting boards. So far, so good (this is the glue-up of the blank to be sliced into end-grain)..
While the warmer weather won't hold (this is Michigan after all), I will do what I can and look forward to getting back to boat work full-time. A late spring launch is still on the calendar.

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