Saturday, August 6, 2016

Resting Soft Tissue

"Resting soft tissue" was Jan's mantra following her hip replacement surgery last fall. While my surgery on Thursday was no where near as major as a hip replacement, I am resting soft tissue. All is well - as long as I take it easy for a few days (and follow the surgeon's directions).

Of course, I've already changed my mind about refitting Karen Ann's trailer. I took a good look at it on Wednesday and decided a refit wouldn't be worth doing. I'd still have two boats and one trailer - and fitting the trailer to both boats isn't feasible.

On Friday - with nothing to do but rest, read and peruse the internet - I found a nearby dealer for both Genesis and Karavan trailers. As soon as I can resume "normal" activity, I'll pay the dealer a visit and see about a new trailer for Gardens.

In the meantime, I'll continue resting soft tissue and catching up on my reading.


  1. Take care Bob, it sounds as though life has been a bit of a challenge of late.
    Good luck with the trailer issue, I'll be out searching for one soon but suspect that Long Steps will be getting a custom build, not much more expensive than a stock one off a dealers lot here but much better.

    1. Life always throws up challenges, some just take longer to work out than others.

      I am feeling much better and will be chomping at the bit to get back to Gardens and other woodworking.

      A custom trailer may be a possibility but I haven't found a shop (or welder) offering custom built trailers. If the surgeon lets me drive this week, I'll go shopping.