Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Bit of Remediation

Jan was in the Boat Cave a few days ago and commented that the starboard side of BH-2 looked higher than the port side. I've looked at that frame many times without making that observation - but today I compared the two sides.

I set a batten across on the backside of the frame, marked the batten every three inches and then measured the vertical distance to the top of the frame on each side.

The result? The starboard side was higher at each of the seven measuring points than the port side! Jan has good eyes!

I made a pattern of the port side, transferred the shape to the starboard side and will (carefully) use the angle grinder and ROS to correct the starboard side. (The black line on the port side of the frame is old and not germane to today's effort. The line on the starboard side is my target.)

Jan needs to visit the Boat Cave more often!


  1. Nice work Jan! Keep'him honest! Funny though, I had the same problem, same side.

    1. Oh, Jan definitely keeps me honest! Interesting that you had the same issue with BH-2.