Thursday, October 15, 2015

Story Board

Jan is an interior designer and artist - and she always uses a story board when planning a project (painting rooms or the house) but not a watercolor, oil or acrylic painting (those just seem to flow naturally). The story board helps her visualize different combinations of colors. While I spent a good bit of time thinking about a color scheme for Gardens, I never made a story board to help me decide anything. Until this week…

I had picked out a nice, soft, buttery, creamy yellow ("Fired Clay") for the hull and hunter green for the sheer strake to be off-set with varnished Douglas Fir trim. I really had no idea for deck or interior colors. My story board - a small mock-up cobbled together this week - is helping me sort things out.

That "nice, soft, buttery, creamy yellow" contrasts nicely with the white primer - until there is no white primer next to it. It also looks very white in direct sunlight - just not as harsh as a "real" white would be.

The hunter green is very dark and, in certain light (like our kitchen lighting), looks black.

The color of the deck sample ("Camouflage") is not the same as the "nice, soft, buttery, creamy yellow" but in certain light they look identical. In certain light the deck color has a green tint to it; in other light it looks white. It is amazing to me how much light and shadow affects color.

The deck piece comes off the mock-up easily so I can try different colors without any trouble (beyond picking and choosing colors).

Gardens received her first full color coat of paint this afternoon. I'll let that coat sit at least two full days before applying the next coat.

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