Monday, June 1, 2015

Test Patch

My left shoulder, having done battle with notoriously huge and fierce Michigan mosquitoes, is on the mend. The rotator cuff was not damaged and surgery is not required - which means the surgeon doesn't get the opportunity to make a measure/cut mistake on me!. The culprits are arthritis and tendinitis. The treatment was a steroid injection and my shoulder has responded quite quickly and favorably. The shoulder is not at 100% but I am back to work on boat and other projects (including correcting last week's measure/cut mistakes).

After painting the new flower boxes for the front porch there was a bit of paint left on the roller, so I wiped off a spot on Gardens' hull and painted a test patch. I wanted to see how much more fairing is needed (quite a bit, actually).

The blue tint and the ripply/wavy look are attributable to the light in the barn and not enough paint on the roller. Even though it is a small patch needing lots of work, somehow it is encouraging to see paint on the hull.


  1. Hi Bob,
    hope the warmer weather and improving shoulder are helping progress on your projects. Prior to glassing, I wrapped my melonseed in cling wrap to show up the humps and hollows. Works well, but costly in cling wrap and a tad fiddly as it doesn't cling very well to a dusty hull.

    Happy filling and fairing.......

    1. Thanks Denis, The shoulder feels better each day. The weather has definitely improved, too. I should be seeing more progress on Gardens soon.

      Interesting technique using saran wrap to show up the bumps and hollows. I don't believe I've heard of that one before. I'll have to give that some thought.