Friday, May 15, 2015


Couple, three (maybe four) non-related things lead me to a little project connecting Gardens with Karen Ann (my GIS).

First, the shoulder is still marginal so big motion work (like sanding/fairing Gardens' hull) involving both arms is out;

Second, Karen Ann's sail-plan needs re-rigging (new boom and yard) but Karen Ann is behind Gardens in the barn;

Third, John Welsford designed a mast box for the main mast of the balance lug yawl rig; and,

Fourth, my work product is much better the third or fourth time I do something…

Since I can't get to Karen Ann to set up the mast to re-rig the yard and boom, I decided to build a mock-up of the GIS mast step & partner arrangement, and…

Since I will be building a mast box for Gardens (sometime in the future), and…

Since practice improves my results, and…

Since I can't do a whole lot of other boat work,

I'm putting together a mast box to be part of a rigging station to set up and work on Karen Ann's mast & sail plan without having to rearrange the entire boat storage scheme now in place.

Parts fashioned after John's design for the Pathfinder:

Front, back, top and bottom glued up (sides will be added tomorrow):

The mast box will be supported by two saw-horses for re-rigging Karen Ann.

So, multi-tasking... building a tool to help me re-rig Karen Ann while practicing for building/installing Garden's mast box.

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