Sunday, November 23, 2014

Congrats to Rik!

Congratulations to Rik on the successful launch of his Pathfinder! See his photos and watch his video on his blog post, Salt.

Keep the sailing photos, videos and adventures coming, Rik. This is the sort of thing that will get me through the looming winter!

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  1. Hi Bob, thank you my friend. If you would live here your boat would be done also. I am sorry your building windows are much shorter than mine.
    I have a story to tell about today's sail. We had 25 knot winds with gusts up to 29 knots. Still testing all systems and honestly a little nervous if all would hold up. All did. But this kind of sailing cannot be done alone in this boat. I need the extra ballast and assist from a second set of hands. Already thinking about some mods to improve handling, including a much heavier and better anchor! Thanks again for your congratulations post Bob. Keep at it.