Monday, June 2, 2014

Miscellaneous Odds & Ends

Well, okay, I guess "Miscellaneous Odds & Ends" is a bit redundant but, here we go:
  • Shop Space:
    • Floor: The floor is done but for trim/baseboards. It looks good and feels very solid. I am happy with it.
    • Work Benches: I know what I want to install and have a materials list ready to go. Tomorrow I'll see what's in the barn that I can use but I know I'll have to use some store-bought materials.
    • Tools: Now that I have the space, I'll begin filling it up… Almost everything will be on castors so they can be easily moved about.
      • Dust Collecter
      • Drum Sander
      • Router Table
      • Spindle Sander
      • Band Saws (yep, two: my old 12" Craftsman and my new-to-me 14" General Industries model)
      • Thickness Planer
      • Table Saw - that will come later this summer
  • Skeg: I took measurements off a drawing and will begin milling the skeg as soon as the tools are set up.
  • Spars: The wood is waiting… once the tools are set up, I'll begin with the yard.
  • Color Schemes: After reading about Rik's digital color scheme sampling and receiving a color card from Kirby's Marine Paints, we've decided to do our own sampling. We'll download the line drawing of the Pathfinder and experiment with different colors schemes.
  • Inspiration: I finally began reading The Dinghy Cruising Companion by Roger Barnes and, I must say, it makes me want to get Gardens done and outfitted so we can go sailing! (Of course we can take Karen Ann sailing… but Gardens…)

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