Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mast Construction... Which Method to Use

While varnishing the spars continues at a slow and steady pace, I am planning and preparing to build the masts.

I have gone round and round over how I will build them… hollow box, solid round, hollow-box rounded or birdsmouth?

After much deliberation, I plan to test my skills on a sample birds-mouth spar section. It will be about three feet in length and will match the diameter of the mizzen mast. It that test run is successful, I will build a birds-mouth mizzen. It the test is not successful, I will probably build a solid mizzen mast and a rounded hollow main mast as specified in John's sail plan.

To get started, I'm ripping the staves tomorrow. Cutting the notches on the router table might be delayed as I am still consolidating my tools from two separate shops - and the weather may impact when all the bits and pieces for this project wind up here. Gluing the test section will follow soon after the notches are cut.

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  1. Good luck Bob. I am looking forward to see the results! I am sure they will be fine. Very curious about the weight of the spar versus a solid one.