Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back at it... Again... Finally...

After more than one false start (following an annoyingly persistent cold) I am back to work on Gardens - along with several other works-in-progress:

Building the transom and prepping it for installation
Cutting notches in the frames to accept the chines
Milling chines down to 65mm to facilitate the needed bending/twisting

Karen Ann:
Clean-/refit prepping for the Small Craft Skills Academy next month
Lots to do!

Back to riding after too many weeks of not riding
Short 25-mile ride on May 19th
Training for 75-mile ride in August

1 comment:

  1. Progress again, that's good!

    I didn't know you were attending the Small Craft Skills Academy. From what I've read in SCA, that sounds like a lot of fun! Will look forward to your account of it.