Sunday, February 5, 2012

1... 2... 3...

A couple weeks ago I posted a photograph of the spine/stem with Frame #1 for a bit of inspiration and motivation. Last week I wrote boat work would be delayed until the end of the month as I am headed to Lake Havasu for the Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention. So, while actual boat work has been suspended, a bit of tangential boat work has taken place. As a result, a more 'complete' illustration of the front half of the boat can be revealed:

1: Spine/Stem with Frame #1 -

2: Spine/Stem with Frames 1 & 2 -

3: Spine/Stem with Frames 1,2 & 3

Oh, sure, this would look even more real with stringers to give better shape but these images will have to serve as my inspiration for Gardens of Fenwick until I get back from Lake Havasu.

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