Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Invisible Work

Mid-January. The new year is underway and, one day at a time, it seems to be flying by.

Yes, of course, work progresses but it is the 'invisible' sort of boat work.

The numerous small bits and pieces (eight reinforcements added to the side arms on four of seven frames) are necessary and contribute to the basic structure of the boat but the progress isn't noticeable. Oh, I am aware of the progress - if those small bits and pieces aren't added now, assembly of the whole will be delayed later. But to the casual observer visiting the shop - none so far - this work would be invisible. I must remember I am building the foundation for the hull and be content with that knowledge.

An example of the invisible work in progress:

Yes, there is more work to do. Two more pieces will be added to each of eight side-arms and all will be trimmed and tidied up before I can declare them 'done.'

One day at a time.

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