Sunday, January 3, 2016

What Am I Forgetting?

The bow section - from stem to BH-1 - is nearly complete:
  • Epoxy coated and painted.
  • Bow eye installed.
  • Anchor well deck fit, epoxied and painted
  • King plank about 95% fitted and underside painted
  • BH-1 and BH-2 notches re-cut
  • Access hatch fitted to BH-1


Anchor well deck dry-fitted:

King plank and access hatch:

The anchor well is ready to glue in place. The question I have to ask myself is, "What am I forgetting?" Should I wait to see what oversight I've made… Or, am I really ready to button up this section of the boat and continue on?


  1. The only thing I can think of is where does the bow cleat ( for the painter ) screw to. Does it need a doubler on the King plank? Guessing you already have that covered. Good luck for the fore deck installation.


  2. Bob, drainholes anchor well?

  3. Good comments, thanks.

    The king plank is a bit thicker than spec - 25mm rather than 20. I'm not sure a doubler is necessary. First thought was screws but later thinking is through fasteners for the bow cleat. But through fasteners leads to...

    The anchor well and opening in the deck. First thinking: Is that anchor well really necessary/functional? Later thinking: That opening in the deck is necessary for access to fasteners for either the bow-sprit (which I am not using), the bow cleat (if using through fasteners) or both. I'm leaning toward having the access and using the well for ground tackle because the well is there. Which leads me to...

    Drains in the well? Just a hole in each of the aft corners (one each side), drilled and epoxied? Or is there some sort of fitting for that to make a neater installation?

    Uh... the bow eye is installed.

    About the anchor well - how well does it function for storing (probably well) and using (ease of access?) ground tackle?

    Again, thanks for the comments. Good to have experienced eyes checking things.

    1. Bob,
      From experience, the anchor well works nicely. No worries and quick access. Anchor fits and keeps the boat clean of dirt and mud if any comes up with the rode and chain. The holes (one on each side) are necessary to prevent moisture and water to stay and do damage. Yes, just a 2cm hole epoxied and painted. You need to do this before you close up. I made the holes after I fibered the inside of the well.

  4. Not sure if its just a photographic artifact, but I thought I noticed gaps in some places between the stringers and planks. I would make sure they are filled with epoxy to preclude water and get full strength from the join. Could tape along the bottom and pour unthickened epoxy from the top of the gap...

    1. Good observation. Thanks. There are some shallow gaps, particularly at the tops of the top stringers - but none of the gaps are "through" gaps. All of the gaps have been epoxied. I will double-check things before buttoning up the compartment. The largest/deepest (not really deep) gaps, along the top stringers, will be addressed when I install the anchor well deck.

  5. for the bow eye, do you fix it with screws for wood? or long
    machine srews with nuts und washers?
    Best Ralf

    1. Ralf, I used a long eye-bolt. Drilled the hole over sized, filled with thickened epoxy, and drilled the hole to fit the eye-bolt. When I installed the eye-bolt, I used a washer, a regular nut and a Nylock nut.

      Hope this helps.