Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Prepping for the King Plank...

The anchor well deck has been glued in place and the edges taped & epoxied. I'll let it sit under the light for another night before sanding and painting… The light and anchor well were shrouded with black plastic before I closed up for the night.

Another bit off the plans… taking a cue from Deke's build in Florida and a detail from Spartina, I decided to add a doubler to the aft side of BH-2.

The end of the king plank will be covered by the doubler. The foreword end of the cockpit will have, to my eye, a cleaner look. The top edge of the doubler will be trimmed flush with the router after the doubler is glued in place. The lower edge of the doubler may be too low. I plan to take an inch (maybe less) off at a time until I see the "right" look.

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