Sunday, January 24, 2016

Anchor Well and Leathers

Anchor-well deck is installed. A shop light shrouded with black plastic trash bag provides warmth for curing of epoxy. Tomorrow I'll seal the edges with 2" FG tape and epoxy.

Today I learned cutting, fitting and sewing leathers on round spars is much easier than doing the same for rectangular spars. The first piece I cut for the boomkin was too short - left too much of a gap between the edges. The second piece was much better but, after soaking and sewing, it seems to be too loose. It looks "lumpy" and loose. I'll wait for it to dry to see if the fit improves at all but I may cut it off and try a third time. On the positive side, my stitching is improving, as it should!

The boom was much easier to do.

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  1. I love leathering spars. Very therapeutic. The price of leather is a bit scary, though...