Sunday, February 7, 2016

Paint and Hatches

Today felt more like March than February. The sunshine and mid-40 temperatures were a surprise as the forecast called for cloudy and cold. It was great!

The anchor well has been painted - but at least one more coat of paint will be needed.

Work has begun on access hatches. Well, actually, the work is to install doublers so the fasteners don't go through the plywood (creating annoyingly sharp snags on the back side).

An 8" hatch in the middle of the stern seat provides access to the lower pintle fasteners and storage.

The port and starboard compartments at the stern will be sealed and not used for storage.

Doublers are being added for the hatches in the cockpit seat-fronts. These doublers should have been added when I built the seat-fronts but that was then (and I didn't even think about it) and this is now.

There will, obviously, be more paint and more hatches!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Operator Error and a Question

Interesting - and strange - result from yesterday's adventure using a tick-stick to mark-off one piece of the foreword platform deck. I used the same stick, the same type of foam-core for the pattern and the same technique I used for the seat panels. But there is nearly a 1" gap - much too wide for epoxy to fill - between the hull and the deck panel. The gap is not consistent: wider in some places than others but it is certainly annoying that I am unable to use this bit of ply (yes, it will be used for other items)! I have no idea why/how this happened (other than operator error) but I do know that I now have another (much pricier) pattern piece to use with the tick stick tomorrow.

After a bit more tweaking, I'm satisfied with how the king plank fits with the stem, BH-1 and BH-2. The anchor well, however, has not yet been painted so the king plank has not been installed.

I've been pondering a question for some time now: Cockpit drain tubes? Necessary or nice-to-have? Drain tubes are not shown on the plans (unless I'm badly mistaken) but I know a number of builders have installed them.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Not Much (but some) Progress

The anchor well is sealed and sanded - ready for paint before the king plank is installed. Given the mild forecast for the next few days, the king plank should be installed by mid-week.

I think the doubler for BH-2 is almost ready to install. It might get trimmed one more time but it is close to where I want it.

Shop space has been cleared so I can cut out the platform deck panels. This was not an easy task as my shop is 12' x 16' and full of tools. Several boxes of cut-offs and pieces of other projects have been moved to other parts of the barn, and several tools have been wheeled against the walls. At any rate, I can work on the platform deck.

The leather wrap on the boomkin needs reconsideration. The boomkin has a rectangular cross-section where it sits in the transom. The leather - as installed - is loose and sloppy looking - same effect as trying to apply FG cloth to sharp corders. But I wonder if I need to modify the cross-section (more rounded) or, maybe, just forego the leather on the boomkin (not called for in the plans).

As for the finish on the chessboard… Varnish seems to be working well. Three coats of thinned (3:1, mineral spirits to varnish) have produced a bright, clear finish. I will do a few more coats, including the sides before it is done.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Prepping for the King Plank...

The anchor well deck has been glued in place and the edges taped & epoxied. I'll let it sit under the light for another night before sanding and painting… The light and anchor well were shrouded with black plastic before I closed up for the night.

Another bit off the plans… taking a cue from Deke's build in Florida and a detail from Spartina, I decided to add a doubler to the aft side of BH-2.

The end of the king plank will be covered by the doubler. The foreword end of the cockpit will have, to my eye, a cleaner look. The top edge of the doubler will be trimmed flush with the router after the doubler is glued in place. The lower edge of the doubler may be too low. I plan to take an inch (maybe less) off at a time until I see the "right" look.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Anchor Well and Leathers

Anchor-well deck is installed. A shop light shrouded with black plastic trash bag provides warmth for curing of epoxy. Tomorrow I'll seal the edges with 2" FG tape and epoxy.

Today I learned cutting, fitting and sewing leathers on round spars is much easier than doing the same for rectangular spars. The first piece I cut for the boomkin was too short - left too much of a gap between the edges. The second piece was much better but, after soaking and sewing, it seems to be too loose. It looks "lumpy" and loose. I'll wait for it to dry to see if the fit improves at all but I may cut it off and try a third time. On the positive side, my stitching is improving, as it should!

The boom was much easier to do.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Continuing On

The propane heater is now hooked up to the patio grill's tank and running nicely. Recent single digit temperatures have given way to upper-20s and low-30s. Warm enough for the heater to stay on top of the cold to make it workably warm in the Boat Cave.

The anchor well deck is prepped and ready for installation tomorrow. I can't think of anything else that needs doing before I seriously limit access to the bow compartment...

Pilot and counter-sink holes have been drilled in the mast step for lag screws. The step is ready for epoxy coating, which will happen when I've got epoxy mixed to install the anchor well deck.

Might as well include a photo or two of the woodworking project I've been sanding, and sanding and sanding(and mentioned previously). It is a 3-D checker (or chess) board made of cherry and walnut. The bottom surface (the two-dimension board) is very smooth but has a hazy/cloudy look to it. While I don't want a high-gloss finish, I also don't want the hazy/cloudy look it has now. The finish is Wipe-On Polyurethane with very light sanding using 320 grit paper between coats.

The piece and the polyurethane have been moved to the warmth of the house for additional sanding and finish work.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Still Indoors

Last week's snow and ice kept me in the house.

Friday was warmer - upper 30s with steady rain all day - but I didn't take advantage of it.

Saturday turned cold - Friday's rain froze - and the temperature has been in singe digits or low teens since. The propane heater hasn't been able to get on top of the bitter cold to make the Boat Cave workable.

So, I am still indoors. I've got a few supplies on order but with the holiday tomorrow none of those will arrive until Tuesday. For now I am practicing a bit more on my leather work (trying to figure out a different/stronger stitching pattern than I've used - I know what it is, I'm trying to estimate how much thread is needed: 2, 3 or 4 X the length…) and sanding that woodworking project.