Sunday, January 31, 2016

Not Much (but some) Progress

The anchor well is sealed and sanded - ready for paint before the king plank is installed. Given the mild forecast for the next few days, the king plank should be installed by mid-week.

I think the doubler for BH-2 is almost ready to install. It might get trimmed one more time but it is close to where I want it.

Shop space has been cleared so I can cut out the platform deck panels. This was not an easy task as my shop is 12' x 16' and full of tools. Several boxes of cut-offs and pieces of other projects have been moved to other parts of the barn, and several tools have been wheeled against the walls. At any rate, I can work on the platform deck.

The leather wrap on the boomkin needs reconsideration. The boomkin has a rectangular cross-section where it sits in the transom. The leather - as installed - is loose and sloppy looking - same effect as trying to apply FG cloth to sharp corders. But I wonder if I need to modify the cross-section (more rounded) or, maybe, just forego the leather on the boomkin (not called for in the plans).

As for the finish on the chessboard… Varnish seems to be working well. Three coats of thinned (3:1, mineral spirits to varnish) have produced a bright, clear finish. I will do a few more coats, including the sides before it is done.


  1. Progress is progress, nice to see. I so want to start one, but just not there yet.

    1. Thanks Tim. It is taking longer to build than I expected, but I have no complaints about the reasons why...

      When you do start, follow the build sequence! I got off track and created a bit more work than is/was necessary!