Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Great Feedback

Thanks for the great feedback to my question, "What am I forgetting." I feel confident I have everything ready to button up the bow section… but I am going to wait a few days. One, to let things percolate in my mind a bit longer to see if anything else needs to be done before the anchor well deck and king plank are installed. And, two, I have to be away from the Boat Cave for a couple of days.

When I return I will be busy as there are a (growing) number of details to attend to:
  • Beefing up the spine at the mast step location
  • Cutting and fitting the platform deck panels
  • Installing the platform deck cleats along the inside of the hull
  • Sanding/Prepping the bilge spaces below the platform deck for paint
  • Painting the bilge
Painting the bow section taught me two things: I need to do a better job sanding - the paint shows up every little imperfection (yes, I know, Preparation is the key to a good finish). The other lesson learned is that the painted section looks pretty good after all. Sort of contradictory lessons but that's just the way it is sometimes. I plan to do a better job of sanding and prep as I work my way aft...


  1. Have you encountered any problem with paint curing properly on epoxied surfaces? A couple of years ago I built a Doug Hylan crab skiff and found that Interlux 1 part polyurethane paints would not cure properly on the epoxied surfaces (I used West System), no matter how well cured the epoxy was, with extensive washing and find sanding to thoroughly remove amine blush. (i.e., the paint surface would remain "sticky" and could easily be wiped off with paint thinner on a rag, even after weeks of curing at regular room temperature). In previous builds I used Epiglas epoxy and had no problems with paint curing. Just wondering if you've encountered this...

    BTW - I'm really liking your build.


  2. Burton, I have not experienced any problems with paint curing on epoxied surfaces. I used Interlux Brightsides over epoxy on my Goat Island Skiff without difficulty. Two other builders advised me not to use Brightsides because of their experiences with it sloughing off in rather large pieces - but that is not my experience. The issue with paint not curing/staying sticky is a new one to me.

    Thanks. Glad you like Gardens of Fenwick.