Friday, January 22, 2016

Continuing On

The propane heater is now hooked up to the patio grill's tank and running nicely. Recent single digit temperatures have given way to upper-20s and low-30s. Warm enough for the heater to stay on top of the cold to make it workably warm in the Boat Cave.

The anchor well deck is prepped and ready for installation tomorrow. I can't think of anything else that needs doing before I seriously limit access to the bow compartment...

Pilot and counter-sink holes have been drilled in the mast step for lag screws. The step is ready for epoxy coating, which will happen when I've got epoxy mixed to install the anchor well deck.

Might as well include a photo or two of the woodworking project I've been sanding, and sanding and sanding(and mentioned previously). It is a 3-D checker (or chess) board made of cherry and walnut. The bottom surface (the two-dimension board) is very smooth but has a hazy/cloudy look to it. While I don't want a high-gloss finish, I also don't want the hazy/cloudy look it has now. The finish is Wipe-On Polyurethane with very light sanding using 320 grit paper between coats.

The piece and the polyurethane have been moved to the warmth of the house for additional sanding and finish work.


  1. what kind of wood is that mast step?

    1. The step is maple and mahogany with a plywood bottom. It will all be epoxy coated.