Wednesday, October 21, 2015

While Paint Dries

Warmer temperatures allowed for painting yesterday.

While the paint dries I need something to do. Small, and some not so small, parts need work, including the mizzen mast step, the outboard bracket and the centerboard.

Gardens' mizzen mast step was first made up according to the drawing a couple years ago. This summer, with a mizzen mast mock-up (one of my test birdsmouth assemblies), I realized the front edge of the mast was not supported by the mast step. I glued up a new step a month ago and today took advantage of the paint drying to cut the step to size & shape - with one variation. (The first step is maple and mahogany; the new one is cherry and mahogany - it's what I had on hand.)

Yes, the new one needs sanding and finishing but I'm marking it as progress.

As for the outboard bracket, there is drilling, fitting, trimming, sanding, drilling, finishing and assembling to do. These are all small tasks that can be done to fill time and without hurry.

The centerboard was also assembled two years ago but needs to be finished: faired, sanded, drilled (pivot hole) and painted. These tasks, too, will be done over the next few days as paint dries.

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