Sunday, October 4, 2015

Looking Ahead

I'm busy prepping, priming and painting the boat - although the painting part will wait another few days for expected warmer weather. But while waiting, I am looking ahead…

One task I've been thinking about is the trim work on the sheer plank… The trim is 3/4" square and the DF I've got just will not bend enough to fit the curves of the hull. I could rip the piece into thin strips and laminate them - but my luck with getting a smooth edge on laminations is less than good. Steam bending? Maybe, but a 20' steam box? Seems impractical to me. So, what to do.

Then, just this week, a post on WBF addressed the same issue I am facing. One suggested option included steaming gunnels in place using poly tubing. Here is a video from Tips From a Shipwright:

Steam Bending

So, the technique shown in the video is what I plan to try, probably next spring…

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